Techonomy and the Solar Solution

It is not immediately obvious, if the unfinished, unpainted and sparse decor is any indication, that a handful of guys in jeans, t-shirts and sandals are changing the world - but they are. On the 26th floor of Google Israel's offices in Tel Aviv, Techonomy's David Kirkpatrick tells a roomful of entrepreneurs how technology is changing the face of the future. While participants taste a cake made on a 3-D printer, a panel consisting of Yosef Abramowitz of Energiya Global, Guy Rolnick of Israel's business magazine The Marker, and Modi Rosen of Magma Venture Partners field questions related to the conference's theme "Can Israel be the Tech Capital for the next Five Billion?"

Apparently the answer is maybe. While it is clear that there is no lack of ingenuity, risk-taking, brains or even capital, Israel still loses many start-up success stories to its closest competitor, Silicon Valley. While the start-up nation can't keep every hi-tech seed company that germinates in the Holy Land, we do have a unique perspective to offer as a world leader in cutting edge global technological change.

Taking Energiya Global's example of exporting clean, renewable energy to developing nations, Israel's high tech can do more to take its addiction to technological advance and embrace and export the moral obligation to help improve people's lives.

This conference, held in an interactive, participatory format embodied today's new business model that is based on a new dynamic type of conversation. The new conversation is one that engages the people, taking opinion and folding it into a future we are shaping ourselves.

One way you can participate in this conversation is by investing with socially responsible companies that are working to save the planet. Your money serves as your voice and your vote that says yes to renewable energy in the world's emerging green energy markets.

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