Jewish Business News: Yosef’s 7-Year Dream

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Today in the online news magazine Jewish Business News is an amazing feature on Energiya Global's President and CEO Yosef Abramowitz and his vision for the company... and the world.

From the article:

“This time,” Abramowitz says, “people are psyched. The Jewish people has a historic opportunity both to profit and bring low-cost electricity to the developing world, as well as alleviate global warming by halting the use of fossil fuels. This venture will strengthen the Israeli ‘brand’ as a leader in development and entrepreneurship, in turn bolstering our diplomatic standing.”

Meanwhile, EGC has identified 70 countries interested in building solar fields within their borders. By the second quarter of 2013, fields will be under construction in the Galapagos Islands, Romania and Rwanda.

“Many countries are lacking electricity,” Abramowitz said. “Our field in Rwanda will produce five megawatts. Maybe we can even double that. That would mean supplying 10% of all Rwanda’s electricity consumption!”

Read the entire article, entitled "Yosef's 7-Year Dream".

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