What Makes Anglo Olim Exceptional?

This week Nefesh B'Nefesh recognized Energiya's founder Yosef Abramowitz with the Bonei Zion Award, an honor bestowed upon Anglo Olim who excel in their contribution to Israeli society in a number of areas. The list of this year's award recipients is truly staggering, and includes the founders of a food bank, a cutting-edge women's center for religious studies, a medical school and a political comic strip. While the percentage of immigrants from North America, the UK and other English-speaking countries remains relatively low, the impact is decidedly not. Those who have chosen to leave a fairly comfortable lifestyle and familial support network behind and begin life anew, often facing a life-long struggle to learn the language and cultural nuances of Israeli life do so out of commitment to strengthen Israel. Are Anglo Olim over educated,spoiled and overly idealistic? Probably.And Israel benefits greatly from their efforts.

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