the Twilight of the Oil Giants is Upon Us

With the growing knowledge that our over-reliance on fossil fuels is at best misplaced, at worst tragic, we view every irresponsible act by the oil giants as proof that their heyday is nearly over. At least we hope it's over. In the aftermath of the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico we attempt to absorb the enormous loss of wildlife, of livelihood and of physical and mental health in the region as a senseless act of greed, not unlike being shot on the last day of a war.

As the clean up and cover up both continue long into the third year after the spill, Gulf residents are still getting sick. Researchers implicate the solvent Corexit, the cocktail that was sprayed onto the crude in an effort to dissolve the spill as having a detrimental effect on, among other things, reproductive health. Area residents have reported a high rate of miscarriage, birth defects and respiratory illness in infants born since the spill. Health care workers are still waiting to see what cancers will emerge in the surviving population.

This should be more than enough evidence that we need to make some global changes. The earth and its residents can only tolerate so much abuse, and the continued endangerment by drilling, fracking, transporting and burning fossil fuels must end. There are numerous companies developing alternative energy sources, including solar, wind and hemp poised at the ready and waiting to provide fuel for the planet that is not expensive, not toxic, not dangerous and not the cause of senseless illness, bloodshed or irreparable damage to the environment.

Be part of the solution! Invest in green energy projects around the world. Opportunities abound to help companies put the oil giants out of business.

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