The Real Change

The setting: Nestled in the picturesque Pioneer Valley in the quiet, academic wellspring that is New England lies an idyllic town. The town is known for its quality of life and history of political correctness. In the town there is a cooperative market that stocks locally-grown organic produce and every natural, clean planet-supporting product one can imagine.

The problem: In the parking lot of the market there are two Toyota hybrids and fifty gigantic, gas guzzling SUVs. Where have we gone wrong?

It is no secret that fossil fuel emissions are problematic. It is not possible that the residents of the most aware town on earth did not get this memo. The problem, simply stated is that comfort, convenience and fashion dominate purchasing trends, even in the most unlikely of markets.

The solution: If the concept of clean living is going to penetrate the pocketbook, the visibility of low-impact products must increase. Children have to see ads for hybrid and electric cars on TV, billboards and in magazines. It has to be cool to save the planet. This message cannot come from quirky individuals or fear-mongering politicians. The cool factor only really thrives in the form of a trend. Money follows trend, trend follows money.

The strategy: We can change the face of the parking lot by investing in socially-responsible, environmentally supportive technologies. Solar energy providers and electric car companies are poised at the ready. All we need is you to believe enough in the possibility of change to join the wave.

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