Ministers approve renewable energy quota shifts to photovoltaic sector

Co-Founder of Arava Power Company Yosef Abramowitz celebrates the Israli Government's decision to increase the percentage of solar energy projects that will be allowed in a number of regions throughout the country. The Jerusalem Post announced this important decision today:

"The Ministerial Committee for Renewable Energy approved on Monday the transfer of a sizable chunk of renewable energy quotas to the photovoltaic industry, as well as provisions for the state to underwrite solar facilities in the West Bank.

The committee’s resolutions allow for the repositioning of 180 megawatts originally allocated for two solar-thermal plants for photovoltaic use – a decision to be finalized within 90 days. In addition to enabling the shift of these 180 megawatts, the committee also approved the diversion of 70 megawatts from large wind farms, 20 megawatts from small wind facilities, and an additional 20 megawatts from overall solar-thermal quotas to the photovoltaic sector. These new plans, according to the Energy, Water, and National Infrastructure Ministry, will lead to a savings of over NIS 2 billion for the Israeli economy over the next 20 years.

Not only did the ministerial committee approve these quota shifts, but they also authorized a measure that would allow the government to underwrite the financial debt for photovoltaic projects in the Judea and Samaria."

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