MASHAV participants learn what’s next in energy at Energiya’s office


MASHAV, the Israeli agency for International Development Cooperation works to improve lives and living conditions across the developing world. For more than fifty years MASHAV has been bringing new and innovative Israeli technologies to countries who could benefit from improvements in agriculture, medicine and other fields. 

Since its establishment, MASHAV has trained close to 270,000 course participants from approximately 132 countries in Israel and abroad and has developed dozens of demonstration projects worldwide.

Suleiman Halasah, one of the academic coordinators for MASHAV said about the participants:

"They are each experts in their countries in energy regulation , generation, transmission and distribution. Here they work in groups and share their expertise, learn about innovation in renewables and bring this knowledge back to their countries."


In addition to hearing a presentation on Energiya Global's projects in developing nations, the students presented their projects to the group.


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