Energy and the PA: The Currency of Peace


Solar can bring energy to the PA, peace to all: expert

Israel’s ‘Kaptain Sunshine': A $2 billion program for sun-powered electricity infrastructure is just what the West Bank needs

 October 21, 2014, 6:15 pm
Courtesy of the Times of Israel

The Palestinian Authority is set to become a major “solar power” in the Middle East, as it adopts a policy of building solar energy fields in Areas A and B, the PA-controlled areas of the West Bank. According to Israeli solar energy pioneer Yosef Abramowitz, there is a “99.9% likelihood” that the first solar field will be built there next year.

in contrast with Israel’s lackluster attitude toward solar power, he said the PA suddenly appears very visionary as a center of solar technology. “Because of bureaucratic issues, many of the solar power companies in Israel have either folded or gone abroad,” Abramowitz noted. In the PA, though, “there are some very professional people who are seriously interested in expanding solar energy as a means of achieving energy independence, generating jobs, and enhancing the pride of Palestinians.”

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