Students from the ASYV get training in design and maintenance of solar energy systems

Last week, from the 20th to 24th of April, a group of students from the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village received training in design and maintenance of solar energy systems. The course was taught by Fred Hassepass from SMA— a leading global specialist on photovoltaic systems and technology - who flew in from Germany especially to give this unique training.

The students found the presentations to be dynamic, interactive, and engaging. The course also included a guided tour of Gigawatt Global's 8.5 MW solar field that sits on the grounds of the village. "The workshop will undoubtedly benefit our alumni in their quest for jobs and university scholarships." said Rachel Sherman, the International Coordinator of ASYV.

By facilitating and funding the course we are maintaining our commitment to ensure that the Gigawatt's solar field is beneficial to the students and alumni of the village — all orphans from the Rwandan genocide that took place 21 years ago. We are looking forward to seeing the brilliant future that awaits them.

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